Teething and Brushing go Hand & Hand


SaraLanePosted in 2009. Happy Friday everyone!  As you can see from this photo, my daughter loves brushing her teeth and her teething bracelets from Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels.    Look carefully at her toothbrush. She took this batman toothbrush from her older brother.  I am proud that she wants to brush her teeth, but toothbrushes carry bacteria.  Our mouths are colonized with an abundance of bacteria and strep mutans in particular can cause decay of teeth.  Babies are born wihout this decay causing bacteria, but at some point it may be introduced (spread from one mouth to another when they share toys and other items).

Encourage your children to brush, but encourage them to use their own toothbrush!  She must have figured out this wasn’t her toothbrush when she threw it on the ground right after this picture was taken (probably not but it would be nice to know that she understands how germs spread at age 1). Also, please supervise young children when they have a tooth brush!  Too many children fall with tooth brushes in their mouth-on that note, they should not walk around with a toothbrush in their mouth!  They should stand at the sink, brush, and have a “home” for their toothbrush so they can find it the next time they brush.  My children have a toothbrush holder next to the sink.
Also, supervise how much toothpaste they are using and make sure they spit it out once they brush!  My sister said that her three boys love this part.  She thinks they actually see who can make the biggest mess of the sink!  How can three little boys, ages 6, 6, and 9 mess up a sink and counter that much with one brushing?  Maybe that could be a new form of art, instead of paint, they can spit the toothpaste at a canvas!  My nephews would love that activity!  Maybe I can do that with them the next time I visit my sister!!!!
In summary, teach your children about how to be safe when brushing.  I will leave you with this Dental thought for the day. We are told not to run with scissors and we also need to remember the same with tooth brushes (especially while in the mouth).  If you have any funny toothbrushing stories, please share them with us.  Feel free to post comments or questions as well!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Dr. Helen Bloom Smith

President, Dr. Bloom Inc.


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