Teething “Take 1”


Posted on November 9, 2009: As a new mom again, I find myself searching for safe products that make my life easier, especially during difficult stages such as teething.   Even as a dentist, I am obviously not exempt from this stage of growth.  My children have to go through the teething pain and I find myself searching the market for the best teething solutions for them.  I also find that so many moms and caregivers have questions about teething, teething pain, and how to help their little one through the process.    Now that I am in their shoes with two under the age of 15 months, I feel that I can offer my own personal opinions and entertaining trials and tribulations as a mom and dentist with the hope that I can help parents and caregivers everywhere!  Maybe just one funny story, one example, a picture, or video can touch the life of a mom or dad that are sleep deprived and trying to take each day at a time!  We can go through this process together.  We can handle the teething pain, the late nights, the sore gums, and midnight feedings!

We at Dr. Bloom Inc, founded our company to create safe products for families everywhere.  Now I hope Dr. Bloom Inc can continue helping by offering this blogging resource to families.  This is an avenue to hopefully help you cope with the teething process and the other developmental milestones that we all love to journal.  Join me on this journey.  I love to hear funny stories and I will hopefully be able to share some with you.

This is my daughter, Sara Lane, at 10 months.  As you can see, her front two lower deciduous centrals(O and P) are erupting….and she loves our chewable jewels!

Do you have any cute pictures of your children showing off their teeth?  We would love to see them and share them with our readers!  Please send them in info@docbloom.com !


2 thoughts on “Teething “Take 1”

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