Posted in 2009. On the toothbrush note, I use stage toothbrushes with my three children.  My 5 year old is in a small head soft bristle toothbrush-stage 3.  He still has 18 baby teeth and now has 2 permanent teeth.  My one year old daughter has 8 fully erupted teeth, and 4 partially erupting molars.  I use a small head soft bristle toothbrush and a finger cot to massage the gums!  Finally, for my little 4 1/2 month old, a 2 x 2 gauze or a small clean wash rag with water and a finger cot works best for his gums.  As soon as a tooth erupts, I will use an infant toothbrush (very small).  If you have questions about the tooth brush for your child, you can always ask your dentist at your child’s next appointment.  I can also give you my opinion if you let me know the child’s age and number of teeth they have but your dentist will be able to look into your child’s mouth and give you a great suggestion!

Top Ten Things Not to Use When Brushing your teeth that I have seen or heard that someone used:
 1)  Dog brush

 2)  Feminine Product (This is definitely a scene I wanted a photo of to show at their wedding when they are older!)

 3)  Pencil (lead is definitely not good for the teeth or body!)
 4)  Ice (don’t destroy the tissue in the mouth-definitely not a good idea!)
 5)  Multiple tooth brushes- Quote from my sister to her three boys “No boys, it isn’t cool to try to see how many tooth brushes you can use at once”
 6)  Toothbrush used to brush Bear’s teeth (Bear is my sister’s dog)
 7)  Toothbrush used to brush my dog’s teeth
 8)  Toothbrush used to clean the bathroom tile
 9)  Toothbrush with the liquid candy used as toothpaste
10) A Hair brush
If you have some additional items that we can add to the list that your child has used to brush their teeth, let us know!

Dr. Helen Bloom Smith

President, Dr. Bloom Inc.

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