Mommy wants a Non-Surgical Face-Lift


Posted in 2010: As a mom of three children under the age of six, it is easy to get into a fashion rut.  I usually notice that new moms put fashion and taking care of themselves at the bottom of their list- way after feedings, diapers, playtime, play groups, doctors appointments, etc.  However, the better you feel, the better you look..but this also works the other way.  The better you look, the better you feel.  Of course, as a health professional, I say eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and aerobic and anaerobic exercise will do magic for your mind and body.  However, mommies may need that a little extra boost!  For those of you interested in looking ten years younger, but not having a face lift, listen up.  Try teeth bleaching!

There are so many different options to teeth bleaching.  I have used all forms in my dental practice and I personally have also tried most types.  All bleaching kits achieve the same results…. they whiten your smile.  I have found that any method will work, but consider your schedule and personality.  For example, there are kits that cost around $30.00 and can be bought over the counter.  Usually the strength of the bleaching material is weaker, however, over time (usually 2 weeks), you will see dramatic results.  In office bleaching, is more expensive and done in a dental office by a dental professional.  You will see immendiate results at that appointment, and ususually a mold is made of your teeth so that you can go home with trays for “touch-ups.”

As a dentist, I am asked all the time which bleaching system is best.  I tell my patients and friends and family that they all work.  My only suggestion as a dentist and from JoyandSebastionpersonal experience, bleach for small intervals (15-20 minutes a day) and this will decrease sensitivity.  Also, try a desensitizing gel before or after treatment (or both).

So go ahead mommies, take ten years off your life by brightening up your pearly whites!  You deserve it.  This way your babies (especially you nursing mothers), can see your teeth in the dark!!!!

Dr. Helen Bloom Smith

President, Dr. Bloom Inc.

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