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Hello Friends!

We’re happy that you’re able to join us on Dr. Bloom’s “Baby Talk!” Our blog will keep you updated on the latest news about our products and where you can shop for  them online in our store  in various retail stores and boutiques. We will be providing moms and special needs caregivers tips on good dental care inTeeth Time  and good health and nutrition for their love ones in Chew on This!!! Also you can find out  The Buzz our Chewable Jewels™, as well.

So tell us some of the things you would like to know about our products and/or other general dentistry tips

Let’s Talk Chewable Jewels!

Visit our blogging stations below:

What’s the Buzz?

Chew On This!!!

Teeth Time with Dr. Bloom

Chewable Jewels™ and Sensory Integration Needs/ Chewing Disorders

We offer Chewable Jewels™ to many children and adults who have autism, Down Symdrone or any or sensory issues who are looking for a mainstream product to fit their special needs. Meet our new face to Dr Bloom, Inc … Lil Walker.

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